Advanced Diagnostics



Advanced Diagnostics are pioneers and manufacturers of high quality car key programming & marine engine diagnostic &  equipment specifically developed for automotive locksmiths, auto technicians & marine watercraft engineers worldwide. Advanced Diagnostics develop all key programming & marine diagnostic software in-house for their products. Currently, over 60 car manufacturers including commercial vehicle manufacturers are supported worldwide.

Advanced Diagnostics Ltd was founded in July 2000 by Karmjit Kalsi and Greg Chambers, after identifying a niche automotive car key programming opportunity for locksmiths worldwide. Through an engineering-led approach to product development, Advanced Diagnostics remains the standard by which other key programming companies are measured.

AD products have become very popular over the years and have earned an enviable reputation for the design & manufacture of some of the world's finest and technologically innovative car key programming products available in the marketplace. Today, software for over 60 car manufacturers worldwide - including trucks & vans, has been developed in-house.

Advanced Diagnostics' offers a highly competitive opportunity for locksmiths / engineers to offer roadside key programming for drivers and boat engine diagnostic services for watercraft owners. Equally important, Advanced Diagnostics produces high quality tools that are designed for all makes & models of vehicles worldwide, this makes their product line unique from other similar companies.


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