Whitco protects millions of Australian homes and offers the largest range of security and hardware products for residential doors and windows in Australia. With our proud heritage, and by offering a wide variety of locks at affordable prices, Whitco has become one of Australia’s most trusted brands.

The Whitco brand is an integral part of ASSA ABLOY Australia PTY LTD, the market leader in the lock and security products industry in Australia.

Think Like A Burglar

Research (and sometimes personal experience) tells us that the majority of burglaries are committed by the 'amateur' burglar who looks for an easy opportunity. Good quality locks on doors and windows make it harder for burglars to enter your home and prevent thieves from leaving other than by the way they entered. This minimises items that can be stolen as it is very difficult to carry bulky items.

Even a professional may move on rather than spend too much time or make too much noise trying to break into a home protected by quality security products.

The Whitco Brand

In an insecure world, people increasingly seek peace of mind. People want to feel safe, secure and in control.

Whitco offers peace of mind by providing reliable and accessible locking hardware solutions to secure your home.

The Whitco brand is the favourite choice for residential locking hardware solutions in the Australasian region.

With our unparalleled expertise in home security and access to ASSA ABLOY Group resources we offer reliable and accessible residential locking hardware solutions.

Further Information

If you would like to know about Whitco, please visit their website at - http://www.whitco.com.au

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