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Car Key Shell Replacement – Save Money $$ – PICK ME.

Pick Me LocksmithsLocksmith NewsCar Key Shell Replacement – Save Money $$ – PICK ME.

Car Key Shell Replacement – Save Money $$ – PICK ME.

30 November 2017 Posted by admin Locksmith News

Car keys are expensive these days! Some keys can cost as much as $700 just to buy the blank key and that’s before any cutting or programming is done. Manufacturers are using the fact that many cars will only recognise the original factory key and remote and there may not be an aftermarket alternative. The expense is a result of the car manufactures deciding to incorporate their vehicles remote central locking system into the actual key head. Many of these expensive keys are made in china or taiwan and the materials used are inferior despite the high cost to the end user. Keys can break easily because for the most part they are made of plastic.

Fortunately there are quite a number of “key shells” coming onto the market now. If a key snaps or part of its plastic breaks it is possible there may be a shell available to fix the problem at a fraction of the cost of genuine replacement. Pick Me Car Locksmith Adelaide carry an extensive range of shells and we can cut out your keys transponder chip and swap the internal workings over for you at your home or work. As long as the buttons on your remote still work you can end up with a key that looks better than your old key. Be careful if you intend to do the swap yourself because the chip inside your key is usually glued in and if you damage the transponder chip your car will not start.

Pick Me Car Keys Adelaide have access to quality suppliers of key shells and we can even source hard to get brands such as Renault, Peugeot and BMW.

We always recommend that you keep a spare back up key for your car especially if it was manufactured after 2005. If you notice your remote key is getting a little worn or cracked take action to fix it before it’s too late. Avoiding a disaster or inconvenience with your cars key is always the best way to go, give us a call before things get worse. We are fully equipped and mobile to provide a key cutting and shell swap service at no extra cost, we will come to you.

Call Pick Me Locksmith Adelaide anytime if you have any concerns or questions about your cars keys or remotes. Our friendly staff will help to keep you on the road and to avoid any pitfalls with cracked or broken car keys and remotes. Free Call 1800 PICK ME