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Locked Out Of House Or Car? Easy Solutions And Advice.

Pick Me LocksmithsLocksmith NewsLocked Out Of House Or Car? Easy Solutions And Advice.

Locked Out Of House Or Car? Easy Solutions And Advice.

30 November 2017 Posted by admin Locksmith News

Locked out of house? Locked out of car? Pick Me Locksmiths Adelaide are asked on a daily basis to help customers who have locked their keys in their home, car or office. Most people are a little embarrassed to admit it has happened to them and because its not a common event for them they are unsure what the process is to get their keys back. The fact is unplanned mishaps happen to us all but its nice to know that there is a Mobile Locksmith you can rely upon in this instance.

Pick Me locksmiths have a free 1800 number for you to call 24/7 and our friendly staff will be ready to respond quickly and cost effectively. We can usually be on site within the hour and will open you vehicle or home lock without any damage occurring to your property. We are fully insured and trained and are full business members of the Master Locksmiths Association. We carry specialised tools and equipment to help gain access to your car, home or office. We will generally ask you for some form of identification and require you to fill to our security disclaimer form.

We also will recommend we install one of our key safes on your property (as pictured above) Keysafes can save you time, money and some embarrassment next time you lock your keys inside. They can be mounted outside in a discreet location and have a four digit number which can be reset easily at anytime. They are great for holiday accommodation that you need to allow access to for visitors or for students that may only be staying at your home temporarily. Another great use is for your elderly relative in case of an emergency where access is required by police, fire or ambulance. They retail for $75 and installation is available for $70 across Adelaide.

Pick Me locksmiths are available anytime to discuss they supply of the key safe and any issues relating to its use and safety.

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