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Raa Locksmith Discounts

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Raa Locksmith Discounts

25 June 2016 Posted by admin Locksmith News

If you are an RAA member did you know that you are entitled to a discount when using a locksmith to open or make keys to your car?

We all know that the RAA provide an excellent service when it comes to locking the keys in our cars or we run out of petrol or our battery goes flat. There are 3 levels of membership – Standard, Plus and Premium and each level of membership comes with a different level of cover attached.

With either level of cover you are entitled to a locksmith service once a year with a $50, $75 and $150 rebate available if you present your receipt to the RAA. If you have lost or damaged car keys you can call your own locksmith and get a quote to provide you with service then simply deduct the amount that relates to your level of RAA membership to give you what you will actually pay. Pick Me Locksmiths in Adelaide are owned and operated by Richard Smith, a Master Locksmith with over 30 years experience. Richard worked for an RAA locksmith contractor for over 10 years and has seen and dealt with most car lock and key issues. Pick Me Locksmiths have dedicated mobile locksmith vans that can open, make keys and remotes and repair most makes and models of car locks and keys.

A reputable automotive locksmith has many skills that will help you get back on the road quickly and at a fraction of the cost of towing your car to a major car dealership. We can repair or replace damaged or broken keys and remotes on site on the same day and car ignition locks and door locks can be replaced also. These days a specialist auto locksmith such as Pick Me Locksmiths in Adelaide have sophisticated tools and equipment specifically made to deal with modern vehicles locking and security systems. Most vehicles these days are computers with wheels and have fully integrated immobiliser systems that require a good degree of technical knowledge and expertise.
Pick Me Locksmiths always try and keep up with the latest developments in car key technology and have invested in tools and equipment required to work on current models.

So next time you need a car locksmith for your car lock or car key problems and you have an RAA membership, give us a try and we can give you a competitive quote. We will also help you to get your entitlement from the RAA and together we will save you money and time.