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Transponder Keys – Car Dealers VS Pick Me Car Keys

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Transponder Keys – Car Dealers VS Pick Me Car Keys

24 June 2016 Posted by admin Locksmith News

Car dealers can only supply consumers with original manufactures keys which can cost up to $500 each and take up to two weeks to order in. In most cases the expense and additional time of ordering keys and remotes through a car dealership is not necessary.

Pick Me Car Keys Adelaide have mobile workshops that can come to your car and make spare or new replacement transponder keys for a fraction of the cost of genuine manufacturers keys. Although your original key may have a remote on it, many times this remote only serves to lock and unlock the doors as a matter of convenience and not for the security of your car. Pick Me Car Locksmith Adelaide have access to the key blanks and the transponder chips that will allow us to cut and program a spare key for your car from as little as $88.

We specialise in automotive locks and keys and have equipped ourselves with the very latest tools and machinery to help you quickly and for a lot less money than a car dealer. If your interested in our services or just have a question about your car keys and remotes, give us a call on our free call 1800 7425 63 anytime.

If you’ve lost your car keys, or simply need a replacement, visit Pick Me Locksmith or call 1800 Pick Me for a FREE quote. Pick Me Locksmith, can provide you with a new car key at half the dealer cost.